Elijah Heiss

Elijah Heiss of Carolina Shoreline
Elijah Heiss of Carolina Shoreline

“The wise understand that their success is deeply connected with the success of others.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

📌 Intro Summary:

🌐 Web Dev & Product Design 🌐

Howdy, digital traveler! My name is Elijah.

I enjoy learning what makes a business tick, what helps make it successful, and how I can make their site help grow more business. Each new client like a puzzle piece to learn how WordPress can help an entirely new industry and customer base increase sales online.

I’m a seasoned WordPress WooCommerce Web dev specializing in digital marketing with a penchant for crafting e-commerce magic. Well-versed in best practices for branding, SEO, UX, design, ecommerce, social media, email marketing, CRMs, and WordPress, I have a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. Additionally, I possess strong problem-solving abilities and a passion for creating seamless user experiences.

I work with clients to teach them skills for fostering conversions/sales online so they can thrive and contribute more to their personal goals. I’m passionate about helping transform sites into powerful sales machines, all while making them look stylish and mobile-first user-friendly.

So, if you’re ready to make your online store skyrocket, let’s connect and start brewing some Web magic! ✨🛒💻

💡 Best Practices:

• Branding

– Consistent visual identity (logo, colors, typography)
– Clear brand messaging and positioning
– Compelling brand story that resonates with the target audience

• Web Design

– Responsive and mobile-first approach
– Visually appealing layout that enhances user experience
– Purposeful use of whitespace to guide user focus

• UX

– Intuitive navigation and site structure
– Easily accessible and relevant content
– Fast page load times to reduce bounce rates


– Keyword-optimized content for higher search engine rankings
– Implementing schema markup to improve SERP results
– Regularly auditing and optimizing site for technical SEO

• Social Media

– Engaging and shareable content for increased visibility
– Utilizing platform-specific features (e.g. stories, reels, etc.)
– Consistent posting schedule to maintain audience interest

• Digital Marketing

– Data-driven marketing strategies to achieve measurable goals
– Email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and retain customers
– A/B testing to continually optimize marketing efforts

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