Engage Your Audience Through Relationships, Stories, and Enchantment

Engaging Narrative and Emotion Drives Purchase
Engaging Narrative and Emotion Drives Purchase
Here to collaborate with a diverse range of mission-driven businesses and organizations, I enjoy tackling the challenge of how to showcase innovations, services, and products. Media strategy is not merely about data and numbers. Though marketing and media strategy share similarities, they serve distinct purposes. Marketing aims to sell your product, while media relations work to sell your business.

Media relations contribute to increased brand awareness, trust, and visibility over time. This is achieved through a consistent flow of genuine, high-quality content regarding your company, its mission, and its accomplishments, targeting specific media channels. Building brand awareness is a gradual process and is not as directly measurable as the connection between marketing ROI and sales.

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  • Media strategy focuses on awareness and trust
  • Going viral is short-lived, trust lasts longer
  • Effective strategy requires consistent quality content
  • Numbers don’t fully reveal success
  • Increasing awareness indicates successful strategy

Effective Strategy Is Good Planning and Consistency

Not all clicks or engagements lead to success. While going viral can provide a temporary boost, its effects generally last only a week. The following week, those same viral shares might be captivated by a cute bunny hopping and wiggling its nose. Humans have a peculiar sense of humor, and often times viral attention is fleeting. Establishing long-term trust, dependability, and brand recognition is more valuable than millions of impressions on a platform like TikTok.

Many business leaders mistakenly believe if they cannot see immediate ROI, then media strategy is ineffective and should be reduced during a downturn. Only after experiencing continued decline do they realize their error. Perhaps media strategy was functioning, but momentum was lost and a slow process of rebuilding brand awareness must begin again from scratch.

A successful long-term media strategy is rooted in thorough planning. At Carolina Shoreline Marketing, our goal is to cultivate connections between our clients and the perfect media contacts tailored to their distinct message. This process entails the continuous delivery of top-notch content positioned in optimal locations to highlight the brand. Rinse and repeat. By doing so, we can help ensure clients achieve lasting media success and brand visibility.

Align Your Brand with What Interests Your Audience

Storytelling and Relationships Grow Success
Storytelling and Relationships Grow Success
We have the expertise to connect with key media outlets that will enhance your brand. These key outlets could be large or smaller, less obvious ones. A well-crafted article in a smaller publication or website can often be picked up by larger ones, making every piece of content crucial. In a media landscape that is driven by content sharing, even a targeted piece catering to a smaller more specific audience may have a broader reach than a brief mention in a major media outlet.

The success of content marketing and communication strategies may not always be evident in the numbers. Does that render the numbers useless? No, but they don’t reveal the whole picture. Individuals might read your content and take note but never engage on social media. Keep in mind, however, that they are still reading. Clicks and likes offer a pleasant boost, but engagement doesn’t always correlate with the intended outcome.

CSM can assist helping you craft captivating content placed in strategic media outlets that accurately convey your story. People will read and view your content, forming positive impressions of your business and strengthening your brand. Even if a single story doesn’t result in direct engagement or a conversion, it doesn’t mean the message wasn’t absorbed. Is your overall brand awareness and share of voice increasing? That’s how you can tell your media strategy is effective.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.” โ€“ Jonah Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios

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