Solving your Challenges in Local SEO for Better Results

Enterprise brands have specific challenges with local SEO and must find the right balance between national and local SEO strategies.

One of the biggest challenges is knowing when to prioritize local SEO vs. national SEO, and understanding search intent is key to this decision. There are four main types of search intents, and SERP features help to determine which type a keyword has.

  • Informational intent.
  • Navigational intent.
  • Transactional intent.
  • Commercial investigation.

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Multi-location businesses face a challenge with having a consistent and reliable source of location data, which can be resolved by implementing a single source of truth. To improve SEO performance, businesses need to optimize store locators with a linkable state > city > location architecture, prioritize location page content, and categories to signal to Google the relevancy of locations for these categories.

Proper management and optimization of Google Business Profile (GBP) are also critical to avoid duplicate listings and monitor changes. By creating GBP-ready marketing content for new promotions and using tracking parameters to measure performance, businesses can scale GBP posts.

Finally, businesses without physical locations, such as service area businesses and marketplaces, need to build a local search presence. Creating a “store within a store” at a partner brand’s location can increase local pack visibility, and opening physical locations in certain areas may be worth considering if the value of leads is high enough. As with any marketing channel, it’s important to test, measure, and iterate local SEO tactics to achieve success.

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